To make studies and recommendations for the improvement of the practice, administration of justice, and improvement of procedures and laws concerning family law matters, and to improve the knowledge and expertise of all persons involved in the handling of domestic law matters

Chairperson: D.C. Cronin & Emily Nelson
Vice-Chairperson: Vacant
Secretary-Treasurer: Briana Gieri & Ezra Glanzer
Treasurer: To provide annual financial statements (net assets and liabilities of preceding year) to FLS and SCBA BOT by Oct. 1.
EXEC. CMTE: Above 3 officers + past Chairperson
Term of Office: 1 year, annual meeting to annual meeting (annual mtg date not set)
BOT Liaison: Ken Zigler
Annual Meeting/Elections: Elections during annual meeting held on a date to be determined by the Exec Cmte.  Bylaws §3.1.  If not aligned w/SCBA annual meeting, FLS must ensure their officers maintain active SCBA membership throughout their term of office.
Report to the SCBA BOT: Annually, formulate and present the Section’s prior year’s work “as required by the Bar.” §5.2
Meeting Schedule: 3rd Tuesday of each month (except June, August, Nov. and Dec.)
Meeting Notice: Reasonable
Meeting Minutes: Bylaws silent.
Fiscal Year: September 1 – August 31
ELECTIONS: At annual meeting. SCBA membership required for both current SCBA fiscal year and following SCBA fiscal year (Sept. 1 – August 31)
CLEs Planned, Yes.  Last Annual Family Law Conference held.  Trend to mini-CLEs.
Contact info: www.spokanebar.org/Sections/.