Purpose Statement

to develop and disseminate information concerning matters affecting and of interest to Intellectual Property practitioners and their clients, to foster good fellowship and to promote communications among its members, and to consider and to take appropriate action concerning matters of mutual interest.

Chairperson: Ethan Vodde
Vice-Chairperson: Carrie Lofts (automatically succeeds to Chairperson.)
Secretary: Kevin Hagan
Treasurer: Adam Kitz
Liaison to WSBA IP§: Natasha Hill
EXEC. CMTE: Above 5 officers plus immediate past Chairperson (Abigail Holman)
Term of Office: 1 year, annual meeting to annual meeting (annual mtg date not set)
BOT Liaison: TBA
Annual Meeting/Elections: During annual meeting.
Report to the SCBA BOT:
Meeting Schedule: As called by Chairperson, Exec Cmte or 5 members.
Meeting Notice: Reasonable
Meeting Minutes: Bylaws silent.
Fiscal Year: September 1 – August 31
ELECTIONS: During annual meeting.
CLEs Planned: Not at this time.
Scholarship to be awarded? Not at this time.
Contact info: www.spokanebar.org/Sections