Spokane County Bar Association – Smithmoore P. Myers Professionalism Award

In 1994, a number of county and specialty bar associations in the State of Washington designated March as Legal Professionalism Month.  As a result, the Spokane County Bar Association held the first “Evening Celebrating Professionalism” Dinner.  That year the recipient of the SCBA Professionalism Award was Smithmoore P. Myers.  The award was then designated “The Smithmoore P. Myers Professionalism Award.”

Each year the Professionalism Award Committee seeks nominations of a person who exemplifies the high ethical and professional standards of the legal profession and who currently practices law in the Spokane area.  Nominations should not include sitting members of the bench, current members of the SCBA Board of Trustees nor deceased members of the bar.  The recipient must be a current member of the Spokane County Bar Association.  Below is a history of award recipients.

2023: William J. Schroeder

2022:  Kevin J. Curtis

2021:  W. Scott Mason

2020:  Daniel E. Huntington

2019: Richard L. Mount

2018:  Pamela J. DeRusha

2017:  William C. Maxey

2016: Paul A. Bastine

2015: Richard J. Schroeder and Beverly L. Anderson

2014: Steven L. Hughes and Francis A. Adewale

2013: John T. Rodgers

2012: Paul B. Mack

2011: William F. Etter

2010: John R. Clark

2009: Michael J. Pontarolo

2008: William D. Hyslop

2007: Carl E. Hueber

2006: Rosanna M. Peterson and Phillip J. “Dutch” Wetzel

2005: Joseph P. delay

2004: Nancy L. Isserlis

2003: Leo J. Driscoll

2002: Eugene L. Annis

2001: Philip J. Thompson

2000: Richard D. McWilliams

1999: Harold D. Clarke

1998 : Richard L. Cease

1997: James J. Gillespie

1996: Kathleen M. Taft

1995: J. Donald Curran

1994: Smithmoore P. Myers