The LGBTA Law Section endeavors to raise awareness and promote equality with regard to the LGBTQ community locally in Spokane County.  In pursuit of this aim we strive to provide a more balanced representation in our county and state for the underrepresented community locally in Spokane and throughout Eastern Washington.  In general, we strive to:  encourage and mentor law students and youths, regardless of their LGBTQ status, into pursuing careers, legal or otherwise, which benefit the LGBTQ community at large; and act upon all matters germane to its purposes as so described or referred to it by Section Bylaws, the SCBA and/or WSBA.

Chairperson: Shaun Greer
Co-Chairperson: Candace Magnin
Secretary: TBA (shall maintain minutes)
Trustee: Dennis Cronin
Trustee: Tamara Murray
Trustee:  Emily K. Arenson
GU Law School Liaison (non-voting): TBA
The Board: Above 5 officers plus immediate past Chairperson
Term of Office: 1 year, annual meeting to annual meeting (annual mtg date not set)
BOT Liaison: TBA
Annual Meeting/Elections: Determined by the Board. (Currently Bylaws do not specify, though Trustee elections are held during annual mtg.  Bylaws §4.1, §7.1.2. Does not state when officer elections are held. Bylaws §7.1.1.  If determined that annual mtg not aligned w/SCBA annual meeting, FLS must ensure their officers renew SCBA membership during their term of office.
Report to the SCBA BOT:
Meeting Schedule: Every other month, minimum 6 per year
Meeting Notice: Reasonable
Meeting Minutes: Bylaws silent.
Fiscal Year: September 1 – August 31
ELECTIONS: Secretary to prepare and mail ballots at least 30 days prior to election. IN PERSON VOTING IS ONLY VOTING ALLOWED. NO SECRET BALLOTS and no proxies.
CLEs/Events Planned: Participant in: Unity in the Community, August; and Pride Parade, June.
Scholarship to be awarded? Not at this time.
Contact info: