Mission Statement

The purpose of the SSPS Section is to provide assistance to solo and small practitioners in improving their practice of law by providing a cooperative forum for the exchange of ideas and resources: (a) With special emphasis on using modern technology and management to provide high quality legal services to clients. (b) By sponsoring or otherwise participating in educational, service, and other activities relating to solo and small law firms. (c) By making reports and recommendations to the membership of the Section, and to the Board and Officers of the SCBA, concerning such matters.

Chairperson: Connie Powell
Vice-Chair: Ryan Best (Automatically becomes Chairperson unless 2/3 vote at annual meeting to the contrary.)
Chairpersons of Projects and Subcommittees:
Other Officers as Needed: Bylaws §4.2
Secretary: TBD
Treasurer: TBD
CLE Coordinator: TBD
Term of Office: 1 year, annual meeting to annual meeting (annual mtg date not set)
Annual Meeting/Elections/ September, for purpose of electing and installing Chairperson, develop a Sections projects plan, etc.
Report to the SCBA BOT:
Meeting Schedule: 3rd Tuesday of the month, or as otherwise designated by Chair
Meeting Notice: In writing at least 10 days prior to mtg, either email or mail.
Meeting Minutes: Vice-Chair
Fiscal Year: September 1 – August 31
ELECTIONS: Secretary to prepare and mail ballots at least 30 days prior to election. IN PERSON VOTING IS ONLY VOTING ALLOWED. NO SECRET BALLOTS and no proxies.
CLEs Planned:  Not at this time.
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