June 2020 V.I.V. – Chris Zentz

Chris has been practicing law for nearly ten years. His primary focus is on energy law: federal energy and energy transactions. Chris reached out to the VLP in April after reading about the increase in domestic violence issues during the pandemic and associated stay-at-home orders. Despite limited experience with family law, Chris wanted to help meet the growing need for lawyers to assist community members in these situations. He found that volunteering with the VLP allowed him the opportunity to offer meaningful support to those who most need it most.

In just a few months Chris has been able to assist several VLP clients over the telephone, giving them critical legal advice, answering questions, and helping them navigate their paperwork.

Chris says, “As the recipients of a Juris Doctorate degree, it is important to recognize that we have been given an enormous responsibility and privilege.” Chris believes it is important for lawyers to use this privilege and access to the judicial system to help others, especially “during this time of social unrest associated with the numerous injustices against minority groups and those in need.”

For any attorney who is looking for an opportunity to help, even in a small way, Chris highly encourages you to reach out to the VLP and offer your services. “The VLP has made my transition to volunteering seamless and easier than I could’ve expected, particularly for someone (like me) who comes to these issues with very limited background knowledge or experience. As I’ve learned the VLP will accommodate your skillset and can find ways to deploy it in a way that provides meaningful help to those who are desperate for even the simplest legal guidance.”

Thanks Chris for your willingness to learn and for dedicating your time and energy to helping VLP clients. The VLP appreciates all you do!


May 2020 V.I.V. – Robert Bulanda

When the VLP switched to telephonic appointments and clinics due to COVID-19, the VLP was mentioned in a Washington State Bar Association article about how legal aid programs across the state are adapting to the pandemic. Robert, a Seattle-based attorney, saw the article and reached out to the VLP about volunteering. Since early April, Robert has made himself available on Monday afternoons to speak with VLP clients about their legal issues, options, and paperwork.

Robert strongly believes that “volunteering is important to help the most vulnerable members of our community. The people who often need help the most are often the ones who can least afford it.” In addition to volunteering with the VLP, Robert also volunteers as an AmeriCorps member with Providence Hospital of Seattle in their Transitions Program. In this position, he especially enjoys working with elderly and seriously ill clients to help them navigate the changes in their health.

When asked why he decided to volunteer for the VLP, Robert stated that he “wanted to use [his] legal skills and knowledge to contribute to our community’s well-being during this challenging time.” The VLP is fortunate to have volunteers like Robert who continually support VLP clients even during uncertain and difficult times such as these.

Thank you, Robert, for all you do for the VLP and its clients!





April 2020 V.I.V. – Darren Digiacinto

Darren has been practicing law for 13 years; he has a bankruptcy/insolvency practice and handles civil litigation in the areas of business, construction, and real property. Since becoming a VLP volunteer in early 2020, Darren has already taken on two direct representation cases.Photo of Darren Digiacinto

Darren attributes much of his success to his support system: his fantastic wife, two crazy dogs, great parents, and a team at Winston & Cashatt with whom he loves to work. Darren sees volunteering as a way to give back to those who haven’t had as much, or any, of the support and opportunities that he has enjoyed.

It was a “no-brainer” for Darren to take on bankruptcy cases for the VLP because “It is evident that one of the major purposes of the Bankruptcy Code is to allow honest debtors a chance at a fresh start, but not everyone who needs a fresh start is able to navigate the process on their own.” With assistance from volunteers like Darren, they can successfully get through the bankruptcy process and move on with their lives. According to Darren, the results for these clients can be life-changing.

Thanks, Darren, for all your hard work and for the life-changing impact you’ve had on VLP clients.


March 2020 V.I.V. – Michael Cressey

The VLP is excited to recognize Michael Cressey as this month’s V.I.V. – Very Important Volunteer.

Mike has been a lawyer for 36 years. He practiced in California for the majority of his career, defending hospitals and doctors in medical malpractice litigation and defending manufacturers in product liability cases. In Washington he primarily handled labor & employment litigation and commercial transactions. Mike’s last jury verdict was in Sacramento Superior Court in 2018; he decided it was a good win to finish on and is now mostly retired.

On the 3rd Monday of each month, Mike dedicates his morning to helping individuals on the Unlawful Detainer docket as part of the VLP’s Housing Justice Project (HJP).

Mike was introduced to the VLP by long-time HJP volunteer Rob Rowley in 2004, shortly after he moved to Washington. He found that the HJP was not only “a great way to meet the judges in a new town” but also “a unique opportunity to make a difference in the lives of folks experiencing our justice system one step away from literally being thrown out on the street.”

The VLP is so appreciative of Mike’s dedication to the HJP as well as his willingness to fill in for other volunteers when needed. His devotion to the HJP has not gone unnoticed and has earned him the distinction of HJP Volunteer of the Year in 2007 and 2015.

Thank you, Mike, for all you do for the VLP and its clients!

If you are interested in being a part of an important legal service, want more exposure to landlord/tenant court proceedings, and want to “get in good with the judges who will be hearing your civil cases,” volunteer for the HJP! Committing to one morning per month makes a huge difference. As Mike says, “The Judges will love you for it, as will the clients you serve. It is good for the soul.”


February 2020 V.I.V. – Charity Rotinski

Charity is currently a student at Spokane Community College pursuing her paralegal degree and plans to start the Limited Licensed Legal Technician program in the fall of 2020.

Charity assists the VLP in numerous ways, from conducting client intakes to helping with annual events like the VLP Holiday Auction. Of all her volunteer activities with the VLP, Charity’s favorite is supporting clients at legal advice clinics. According to Charity, “So many people come to these clinics feeling lost and overwhelmed. I enjoy helping them navigate their paperwork and helping them see that they are not alone.”

For as long as she can remember, Charity has had a passion for serving others. She has sought to instill her passion for service in her five children; they often volunteer as a family. When she had the opportunity to volunteer for the VLP, she was “thrilled.”

When asked why she volunteers for the VLP, Charity said, “I want to help people navigate what can be the most stressful and overwhelming experience of their lives, while empowering them to gain the confidence they need to work through their legal issues.”

Thank you for all your hard work, Charity! We appreciate the positive difference you make for the VLP and its clients.