The VLP is pleased to announce the July V.I.V. – Very Important Volunteer is Lesli Ashley.

Lesli Ashley is a LLLT volunteer with the VLP. Before becoming a LLLT, she was a paralegal for 25 years in private practice and the public sector. She continues to work as a paralegal for the Washington state Attorney General until she opens her own practice.

Lesli enjoys volunteering with the VLP in addition to her work with other non-profit organizations. She told me, “Volunteering with the VLP helps me assess the needs of the community, and figure out where to focus my practice. It helps me support populations who need assistance, those whom I may not have otherwise known.” Lesli started volunteering with the VLP because, “I’m from the Spokane area originally and I want to give back to the community. Since the VLP is doing virtual volunteering, I am able to volunteer.”

Lesli told me about her experience volunteering. “I’ve been able to help clients who really need help with questions that seemed simple to me, or would seem simple to anyone in the legal field. It has highlighted to me how the legal field involves a special set of skills. I didn’t realize until I started volunteering just how confused many people are.” Lesli recalled, “You don’t even realize the impact you can have. Something that is simple to me can change someone’s life.”

For anyone interested in volunteering, Lesli recommended giving it a shot. According to Lesli, “The appreciation for my time is immeasurable. If you are feeling stagnant in the law, giving just a few hours a week is a great way to remind yourself of why you’re here. It fills my gratitude bank.”

Thank you Lesli for your support for VLP clients. Your work is valued and appreciated!

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