Received from the City of Spokane:

Spokane Municipal Court – E-file Instructions

Emergency Order – Second Superseding – Civil Infractions – 2020-11

Emergency Order – Third Superseding – Criminal Matters – 2020-09

Emergency Order – Third Superseding – Probation Operations 2020-10

Spokane Municipal – Emergency Order 2020-01 – Administrative

Spokane Municipal Court – Emergency Order – Revised Sixth Superseding – Criminal Matters – Added 01/08/2021


Received from Spokane County District Court :

SCDC Emergency Administrative Order No. 10

SCDC Emergency Administrative Order No. 11

SCDC Emergency Administrative Order No. 12 – Added 11/18/2020

SCDC Emergency Administrative Order No. 14 – Added 01/08/2021


Recent Orders retrieved from the Spokane County Superior Court web site:

Emergency Order 8 Extension

Emergency Order Re COVID 9 Unlawful Detainer Actions

Emergency Order Re COVID 10

Letter Re Family Law Zoom Hearings from Spokane County Superior Court Presiding Judge

Emergency Order Re COVID #11 Mitigation

Amended Emergency Order Re COVID #4 Civil Discovery

Emergency Order #13 COVID Trials – Added 11/23/2020

SCSC Emergency Administrative Order No. 14 – Added 01/08/2021


Recieved from the Spokane County Clerk’s Office:

Office Hours – 8:30-4:00 PM, Mon-Fri.

Customer Service Line (509) 477-2211 is available 8:30-12:00 and 1:00-4:00 Daily, Mon-Fri.

Juvenile, Main office Customer Service, and Finance are available for filing, payments, records review and opening new cases during open business hours.

E-mail request can be submitted to

Filing and documents accepted via mail.

There are two electronic stamp and drop box available in the courthouse on the third floor for filings not requiring a fee.

CDC guidelines and precautionary measures are in place.

Model Standing Order for the Eviction Resolution Pilot Program

Emergency Order #9 Regarding Unlawful Detainers


Recent Orders received from Court of Appeals, Division III:

General Order re Appellate Electronic Records-FINAL 4-17-20

General Order-Verbatim Report of Proceedings-FINAL 4-17-20


Recent Orders retrieved from the Washington State Supreme Court web site:

Civil Commitment Order 042920

Extended and Revised Supreme Court Order 042920

Supreme Court Order Closing Temple 043020

Supreme Court Order Dependency Termination Cases


COVID-19 and Washington State Courts:

Public Health Risk Reduction Recommendations – Updated August 28, 2020