The Spokane County Bar Association releases findings for Judicial Candidates

(SPOKANE – August 12, 2022) The Spokane County Bar Association (SCBA) has released the results of the Judicial Candidates Evaluation Panel (Panel) and Bar Poll

The Panel results are as follows:


District Court Judge 3
Eric Dooyema                            Well Qualified
Jennifer Zappone                      Exceptionally Well Qualified

District Court – Judge 6
Andrew Biviano                         Exceptionally Well Qualified
Deanna Crull                             Exceptionally Well Qualified

The Bar Poll results are as follows:

Nearly 21% of SCBA Members participated in the Bar Poll, which was conducted by Washington State University’s Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology. The Bar Poll measured legal ability, judicial temperament, integrity, relevant legal experience, and suitability.  For each criterion candidates were rated along the following four-point scale as follows:

1        Not Qualified
2        Qualified
3        Well Qualified
4        Exceptionally Well Qualified

The results reported below consist of a) average ratings for the candidate for the five stated categories, and b) specific responses received for the candidate under each criterion.

  Legal Ability Judicial Temperament Integrity Relevant Legal Experience Suitability
Andrew Biviano 2.84 2.78 2.86 2.60 2.65
Deanna Crull 3.05 3.16 3.19 3.24 3.07
Eric Dooyema 3.07 3.17 3.24 3.17 3.11
Jennifer Zappone 3.16 3.22 3.30 3.21 3.09

The Panel is comprised of retired judges and attorneys representing criminal prosecution and defense, the Gonzaga School of Law, and a variety of private practices. The Panel interviewed candidates, reviewed candidate materials, Washington State Bar Association records, and took into consideration Bar Poll findings to come to its conclusions.

The Panel was led by SCBA President April Anderson. April states, “The SCBA is pleased to announce the results of the Judicial Candidates Evaluation Panel and Bar Poll. We believe these results are useful in helping our community members to better understand the quality and fitness of the candidates for its judiciary. We strongly believe that those who wish to judge the members of our community should first submit to evaluation from their peers in the law.”

Mark Wardrop, Interim SCBA Executive Director, (509) 477-2672,


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