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Medicare ⁄ Medicaid Issues

Richard E. Gilleran

Richard E. Gilleran

Attorney at Law

Telephone: (509) 484-5900

201 West Francis Avenue
Spokane, Washington 99205

Lynn St. Louis


Lynn St. Louis

Lynn St. Louis Law Office, PLLC

Telephone: (509) 468-0551

207 West Nora Avenue
Spokane, Washington 99205

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Susan G. Amstadter

Law Office of Susan G. Amstadter

Telephone: (509) 868-1070

331 West Main Avenue
Spokane, Washington 99201

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Andrew M. Ouimet

Provident Law, PLLC

Telephone: (509) 252-8435

16201 East Indiana Avenue
Suite -2246-
Spokane Valley, Washington 99216

Photo of Michael Whipple

Michael D. Whipple

The Whipple Law Group , PLLC

Telephone: (509) 869-3223

905 West Riverside Avenue
Suite -607-
Spokane, Washington 99201

Photo of Megaen Paladin Childress

Megaen K. Paladin Childress

Paladin Childress Law Office, PLLC

Telephone: (509) 624-4107

819 West 7th Avenue
Spokane, Washington 99204

Photo of Maribeth Anderson

Maribeth M. Anderson

Anderson Law Offices

Telephone: (406) 426-1529

1312 North Monroe Street, Suite -252-
Spokane, Washington 99201

Photo of Sarah N. Cuellar

Sarah N. Cuellar

Law Office of Sarah N. Cuellar, PLLC

1312 North Monroe Street
Suite -227-
Spokane, Washington 99201

Troy Seeley

R. Troy Seeley

Law Office of R. Troy Seeley

Telephone: (509) 252-5062

505 West Riverside Avenue, 558 Fernwell Building
Spokane, Washington 99201

Photo of Priscilla Herschold

Priscilla J. Herschold

Quiroga Law Office , PLLC

Telephone: (509) 927-3840

505 North Argonne Road
Suite B-109
Spokane Valley, Washington 99212

Jennifer H. Ballantyne

Estates and Elders Law, PLLC

Telephone: (509) 252-5003

505 West Riverside Avenue, Suite -509-
Spokane, Washington 99201