Following our tradition, March has been designated as Professionalism Month throughout the state for members of the legal community.

The Spokane County Bar Association (“SCBA”) will again sponsor its dinner entitled “An Evening Celebrating Professionalism” and a member of our legal community will receive the Smithmoore P. Myers Professionalism Award. The recipient of the award should be a person who exemplifies the highest ethical and professional standards of the legal profession and who currently practices or has practiced law in the Spokane area. Nominations should not include sitting members of the bench or deceased members of the bar. No current members of the SCBA Board of Trustees will be eligible for the award. The nominee must be a member of the Spokane County Bar Association no later than the day of the committee’s vote. If you would like to nominate someone for this honor, please submit the person’s name and your statement of support to: SCBA Professionalism Award Committee, MS ANX-4-SCBA, 1116 W. Broadway, Spokane, WA 99260-0030 or e-mail to Nominations will be taken until 5 P.M. on Monday, February 10, 2014.

The Professionalism Award Committee will be meeting in February to consider nominations. At the February 19th meeting of the Board of Trustees of the SCBA, a selection will be made from the names submitted by the Professionalism Award Committee. Previous recipients of this award include: Smithmoore P. Myers, J. Donald Curran, Kathleen M. Taft, James J. Gillespie, Richard L. Cease, Harold “Pete” Clarke, Richard D. McWilliams, Philip J. Thompson, Eugene I. Annis, Leo J. Driscoll, Nancy L. Isserlis, Joseph P. Delay, Rosanna M. Peterson, Philip “Dutch” Wetzel, Carl E. Hueber, William D. Hyslop, Michael J. Pontarolo, John R. Clark, William F. Etter, Paul B. Mack and John T. Rodgers.

The Professionalism Dinner is scheduled for Wednesday, March 26, 2014. The March 3rd issue of Calendar Call will announce the winner of the award and an insert to sign up for the dinner will be included. Also to be honored will be those members of our legal community who have practiced 50 years in Washington state.
Please mark your calendar today for Wednesday, March 26th for the Professionalism Dinner. Send in those nominations as soon as possible. Remember, the deadline to receive nominations will be February 10, 2014.





2013-2014 Spokane County Bar Association

Board of Trustees Announced


President - Ryan M. Beaudoin

President-elect/Secretary - Tony Hazel

Treasurer - Ryan D. Yahne


2013 - 2015 Trustees:

Tyler J. Black

Marla Carey Hoskins

Geana Van Dessel




Spokane County Superior Court Proposed Local Rule Published For Comment


The Spokane County Superior Court proposes adding the following local rule for Spokane County:




            When a garnishee defendant is a federal employer who fails to file a written answer but submits the amount to be withheld in the garnishment to the clerk of court or the judgment creditor, the judgment creditor shall provide the judgment debtor with written notice that the judgment debtor has 20 days from the mailing of the notice to file an objection with the court and that in the event they fail to file an objection within that time, the court will authorize disbursement of the funds in partial satisfaction of the judgment without further notice to the judgment debtor.  Any documentation received from the garnishee containing calculations of the amount withheld by the garnishee shall be attached to the notice.  The judgment creditor shall file a declaration that they have mailed such a notice and attachments and that more than 20 days have elapsed without the filing of an objection by the judgment debtor before the court shall authorize the disbursement of said funds.  


Any comments may be directed to Commissioner Steven Grovdahl at .  The comment period will expire on May 15, 2013. 





Kevin Curtis Named Washington Defender Association President


Winston & Cashatt Lawyers principal Kevin J. Curtis has been elected president of the Washington Defender Association (WDA).


WDA is an association comprised of Washington state criminal defense attorneys, social workers, investigators and those committed to improving indigent defense. WDA was instrumental in the adoption of new Standards for Indigent Defense Services enacted by the Washington Supreme Court effective September 1, 2012, including caseload limits, qualifications of attorneys and limitations on private practice. 


Curtis has been a member of WDA since 1986 and has served on the association's board of directors since 2004.  He has also served as past president of the Washington Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, the largest association of criminal defense lawyers in Washington State with more than 1,100 members.


Curtis has more than 31 years of experience representing defendants in state and federal court. He has handled many of Spokane's high-profile criminal cases, including the successful defenses of Joseph Andrews in a double homicide death penalty case, Wallace Jones, Spokane's first “mercy killing” case, the Valley View fire suspect and the representation of Don Van Lierop, the Ferris High School basketball coach falsely accused of sexual misconduct. 


Curtis has been retained as an expert in criminal defense cases and has lectured throughout the state. He has been named a SuperLawyer™ numerous times by Washington Law & Politics Magazine, been listed as Spokane's Top Lawyers by Spokane/Coeur d'Alene Magazine, is AV rated by Martindale-Hubbell and received AVVO's highest rating.  He joined Winston & Cashatt in 1996 after beginning his career at the Spokane County Public Defender's Office in 1981, where he worked from 1982 to 1996 in the felony division.



SCBA Young Lawyers Division Receives WSBA Young Lawyers Division Outstanding Affiliate Organization



( SEATTLE ) — The WSBA Young Lawyers Division (WYLD) is pleased to announce that the 2012 Outstanding Affiliate Award recipient is the Spokane County Bar Young Lawyers Division (SYLD) , led by President Robin Lynn Haynes . The WYLD Outstanding Affiliate Award recognizes the affiliate organization in Washington that has generously committed time and efforts to provide legal services for the public good, public service, and community outreach, and/or has made significant contributions to the professional community, especially in the development and training of young lawyers. The award will be presented at an upcoming ceremony.


“Our SYLD continually strives to benefit local new and young attorneys and the community with energy and panache,” said C. Matthew Andersen , Spokane County Bar Association president. “They are a credit to the profession and we are confident the future of the Spokane County Bar will pass to lawyers we all aspire to be.”


The SYLD is being recognized for its work during the 2011–12 bar year, including the following:

•  SYLD members presented at Gonzaga University 's local BarBri class in July 2011, introducing potential new members to the organization and inviting them to attend the SYLD's annual Bar Takers' Party.

•  The SYLD formally adopted a new CLE Scholarship Program, allowing members to apply to have a portion of the cost of a CLE paid for by the SYLD.

•  SYLD hosted its annual lntro to Spokane Courts CLE on Nov. 2. The day includes visits to all the local courts (District, Superior , Division III Court of Appeal, Bankruptcy, and the Federal District Court ) and time with judges, clerks, and commissioners.

•  In April, the SYLD paired with the WYLD to host an interview skills speed networking event. Gonzaga second- and third-year law students were paired with SYLD members, who asked them

interview questions and provided feedback. Presentations were given by the SCBA, the Gonzaga Career Center , and the WYLD president and president-elect.

•  For the fifth year, groups of SYLD members gave hour-long Law Day presentations in May at four local high schools on student-relevant topics. Students were given the chance to ask the SYLD members their legal questions and about the profession in general.

•  A Moderate Means Social and an ABA Meet & Greet were jointly held in April, with over 30 attendees. The WSBA Moderate Means Program is the end result of a program started by the SYLD almost a decade ago, then known as GAAP (Greater Assistance and Access Program), which grew in popularity, spread to other county bars, and then was taken up by WSBA.


In October, in conjunction with Army OneSource, Gonzaga University School of Law, and the American Red Cross, the SYLD is offering a free Washington Wills for Veterans will clinic. Gonzaga students will be able to earn public service credit by serving as witnesses to the wills.


About the Washington State Bar Association

The WSBA is part of the judicial branch, exercising a governmental function authorized by the Washington State Supreme Court to license the state's 34,800 lawyers. The WSBA both regulates lawyers under the authority of the Court and serves its members as a professional association — all without public funding. The WSBA's mission is to serve the public and the members of the Bar, ensure the integrity of the legal profession, and to champion justice.




Robin Lynn Haynes Receives 2012 Outstanding Young Lawyer Award


( SEATTLE ) — The Washington State Bar Association (WSBA) has presented Spokane attorney Robin Lynn Haynes with the 2012 Outstanding Young Lawyer Award . This award honors a young lawyer who has made a valuable contribution to Washington 's legal community and is presented each year by the WYLD. Recipients of this award have shown an outstanding commitment to the provision of pro bono services to those in need and have made significant contributions to the professional community, especially young lawyers. WSBA President Stephen Crossland presented the award at the WSBA Annual Awards Dinner on Sept. 20, 2012, at the Hyatt at Olive 8 in Seattle .


“Robin is exceptional at forging stronger connections between young lawyer groups around the state,” said WSBA Young Lawyers Division President Dainen Penta. “Her work on the local level with the SYLD has extended to building strong connections between Spokane young lawyers and the WYLD. She is an incredible advocate and support for her young lawyer colleagues.”


Haynes received her undergraduate degree in English and political science, and a master's degree in English literature, from Gonzaga University ; she received her law degree from Gonzaga University School of Law. She joined the firm of Reed & Giesa, P.S., in 2005 as a law clerk and in 2011 became its first female partner.


Haynes's involvement in the legal community began shortly after her graduation from law school, when she began serving regularly as a volunteer judge for moot court and student competitions at Gonzaga. Since 2009, she has served as a mentor for first-year law students and has spoken on panels at student events. She helped to organize an interview skills networking event in April 2012 for Gonzaga law students with the Spokane County Young Lawyers Division (SYLD) and WYLD. Since 2008, she has served on a SYLD Board, first as a trustee and then as its secretary, president-elect, and 2011–12 president. Haynes served on the Spokane County Bar Association Board of Trustees and Strategic Planning Committee, as well as the Volunteer Lawyers Program's Board of Directors. In 2010, she became the Greater Spokane District trustee to the WYLD Board of Trustees, also serving as its liaison to the Membership Outreach Committee.


“[Robin] is a very intelligent and tough advocate, yet courteous to opposing counsel and compassionate to the interests of her clients,” said Spokane County Bar Association Executive Director Penny L. Youde . “We are equally impressed with Robin's volunteer work and commitment to improving our local legal community.... Robin is regarded as a leader in our legal community and a most deserving recipient of the WYLD Outstanding Young Lawyer of the Year Award.”


About the Washington State Bar Association

The WSBA is part of the judicial branch, exercising a governmental function authorized by the Washington State Supreme Court to license the state's 34,800 lawyers. The WSBA both regulates lawyers under the authority of the Court and serves its members as a professional association — all without public funding. The WSBA's mission is to serve the public and the members of the Bar, ensure the integrity of the legal profession, and to champion justice.




G.U. Law School Professor
Vern G. Davidson passes away



Photo of Vern DavidsonVern Davidson was born on August 6, 1929 to Margaret and Vern Davidson in Los Angeles, California and passed away on July 24, 2012 in Spokane, Washington. Vern is survived by his sister, Virginia Kiefer, as well as his nieces, nephew, and cousins. Vern will be greatly missed by his family, friends, and the thousands of students who passed through the doors of the University of Ghana where he was a Lecturer, the Institute of Public Administration of the University of Malawi, where he was Principal and the founding Professor of Law, and most recently, Gonzaga University School of Law, until his retirement in 2004.


Vern commenced his long relationship with education after graduating from Wilson High School in 1947. He then attended the University of California at Los Angeles and earned his undergraduate degree in Political Science in 1951. He next attended law school at UCLA where he was Order of the Coif, Case and Comment Editor of the Law Review, and President of the Law Student's Association. While he was a student at UCLA he became involved in the Socialist movement, and remained a self-proclaimed pacifist throughout his life.


Following graduation from law school, Vern served as an Associate in Law at Columbia University , and the following year, through a program designed to staff African law schools, became a lecturer at the University of Ghana in Africa . In 1964 he began an exceptional decade of service to the government and people of Malawi. After serving as a lecturer in law at the University of Malawi , he founded the nation's first law school and began a five year tenure as its dean . While dean, he assumed additional duties as principal of both the University's Institute of Public Administration and the Staff Training College of the Office of the President of Malawi. Today, Malawi is an emerging democracy guided by many individuals who received their formative training from Vern Davidson. The Chief Justice and the associate members of the Malawi Supreme Court, several cabinet ministers, and the leadership of the majority party are all his former students. His educational legacy will undoubtedly grow as future leaders are educated at the very institutions he helped found and nurture.


In 1974 he returned to the United States and began his teaching career at Gonzaga University School of Law. Over the next three decades, Vern Davidson would serve both the law school and its students with exceptional skill, energy and commitment as Professor and, for 18 years, as Associate Dean. During his tenure at Gonzaga, Professor Davidson was the recipient of both the Orland Distinguished Professor and Teacher of the Year awards, combining a demanding Socratic approach with an interesting and often entertaining classroom style. In 1995, he achieved perhaps the pinnacle of recognition at Gonzaga University School of Law, when he received The Gonzaga Law Medal . Upon his retirement from Gonzaga in 2004 , Spokane Mayor James E. West proclaimed April 28, 2004, as “Vern Davidson Day.”



Vern will be dearly missed by his family, friends, students.


A celebration of Vern's life will be held Saturday, September 8, 2012 at 5:00 pm on the back lawn of Gonzaga University School of Law.


If you wish to send a memorial card to the family, please direct it to:

Attn: Alumni Relations

Gonzaga University School of Law

PO Box 3528

Spokane, WA 99220-3528


Questions? Please contact Susan Harmon at (509) 313-3700 or .





Attorney Volunteers Needed / FREE CLE: The SYLD is organizing a free will clinic for veterans to be held on October 13, 2012. Attorneys and notaries are needed to help staff the event.

In addition, a one (1) Credit Estate Planning Basics CLE will be held on noon, Wednesday, September 12, at Gonzaga University School of Law (credit pending). The CLE is FREE to attorneys that volunteer at the veterans will clinic, or $20 for all others.

To volunteer for the will clinic or sign up for the CLE, visit or contact Jacob R. Brennan at



2012-2013 SCBA Officers & Trustees Announced


At the Spokane County Bar Association's Annual Meeting and Volunteer Lawyers Program Pro Bono Awards Ceremony on June 1, 2012, SCBA President, Scott A. Morris, announced and congratulated the 2012-2013 Board of Trustees:


President: C. Matthew Andersen

President-elect/Secretary: Ryan M. Beaudoin

Treasurer: Tony Hazel


2nd Year Trustees: Lynn M. Mounsey Longmeier, Ryan D. Yahne and Heather C. Yakely


1st Year Trustees: John F. "Jack" Driscoll, Jr., David A. Kulisch and Jennifer C. Underwood



SCBA Volunteer Lawyers Program Honors

Pro Bono Service Luncheon



On June 1, 2012, the Spokane County Bar Volunteer Lawyers Program (VLP) honored members of the legal community who stand out for sharing their time and expertise with low-income members of our community through pro bono service over the past year. The individuals and law firms we will honor have given true meaning to the phrase, “Champions of Justice.” The VLP awards luncheon will be held in conjunction with the SCBA annual meeting.


Here are the recipients of the VLP 2011 Pro Bono awards:


Gabrielle C. Roth Pitner, Roth Law Group

Lisa E. Brewer, Law Offices of Lisa E. Brewer

Patty L. Grossman, Burke Law Group


Elizabeth M. McBride, McBride Law Office

Robert R. Rowley, Attorney at Law

Randall & Danskin

Photo of Doug Siddoway representing the firm of Randall & Danskin, P.S.

Richard L. Sayre, Sayre & Sayre, P.S.


Mark R. Iverson, Mark R. Iverson, P.S.



Angel M. Base, Attorney at Law



Kirk D. Miller, Kirk D. Miller, P.S.


Gary Smith, Richter Wimberley